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Leading Technologies
Custom Solutions
With the latest in testing technology and more test stations than any other competitor, we make sure we deliver a quality product from start to finish.
No tester? No problem. We create custom programming and test stations to meet your JTAG, ISP, and Functional Test requirements.
Welcome to Testing House
What Makes Us Different
Testing House operates entirely in house, we do not use outside employees or rented equipment. We support Agilent and Teradyne solutions at all of our facilities. With a broad range of state of the art equipment, including an UltraPin II Station, we guarantee a complete solution.
About Us
What Makes Testing House Unique?
With their Out of the Box Thinking, the Testing House Team worked closely with Teradyne to develop the Long Stroke Probe which enabled the possibility of Flat Wireless Boards.

Always aiming to Lead the Path in Innovation, Testing House’s Research & Development Team originally created the Micro Oscillos that allowed for frequency test measurements of up to 1GHz.

Testing House was the original company that began combining multiple files to produce a complete coverage report.   

Because Testing House is a Leading Programming and Test Firm, the company operates entirely In-House to save customers 3rd Party Service and Equipment costs.

Testing House believes in long-term relationships with their customers no matter how big or small.

With a passion for Technology and Human Advancement, Testing House encourages all Designers, Manufacturers, and Inventors to Dream Big for the betterment of mankind. It gives us great pleasure to see new products and technologies that increase the Quality of Human Living, especially when we were involved every step of the way.
The Best and Largest Worldwide Programming House with Direct In-House Staff