Design For Test

Design For Test (DFT) is a technique used to implement certain testability features into a product. Testing House can provide an analysis of the CAD data for testability of your circuit board. Access to a board can be very difficult as boards get smaller and designs get more densely populated. We can work with your design engineer to improve testability and maintain an effective in-circuit test. When access to the board is limited and boundary scan devices are present, we can provide the customer a list of key nodes that will require access in order to provide a very effective test. Our analysis will provide a list of all the accessible test points and an explanation for any nodes declared inaccessible.

circuit design

DFT Techniques

Testing House developed a software tool that allows one to automatically analyze a CAD file in order to calculate a very accurate preliminary coverage. Results are based on a fixture predesign process which consists of probe assignment using GRD2B.

  • Ad-Hoc Technology
  • Scan Based Design
  • Boundary Scan
  • D2B Software
  • FABmaster


Increased Fault Coverage. Decreased Test Generation and Development Time. Decreased Test Length and Memory Requirements. Test Application Time. Concurrent Engineering. Reduces Life-Cycle Cost.

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