Test Station (Teradyne/GenRad)

Testing House has formed a very capable Teradyne(GenRad) programming team located in our Texas, USA and Guadalajara, Mexico offices. Their experience and capacity allow us to offer a full range of programming services on the Teradyne(GenRad) platform. We have developed a set of tools to complement the translation tools of the GenRad system that help us to streamline our test development and debug process. Along with providing the standard Teradyne (GenRad) test program, we offer the following services:

  • Flash Programming
  • Serial and FPGA Configuration EEPROM Programming
  • Onboard Programming and Verification of ISP Devices
  • Boundary Scan Programming Capabilities
  • Individualized Custom Programming
  • Dual Stage and Dual Well
  • Extended Instrumentation
  • Pneumatic Fixturing

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